Churches of LRRBA 

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BrownsvilleBrownsville Baptist Church Baptist Church, Bro. Jeff Feil (Pastor)
3815 Greers Ferry Road, Greers Ferry, AR  72067
10921 Heber Springs Road N., Concord, AR  72523
Faith Baptist Church, Bro. David Dillon (Pastor)
80 Treasure Hill Drive, Quitman, AR 72131
First Baptist Heber, Bro. Matt Basford (Pastor)First, Heber ed sm
201 N. Fourth St., Heber Springs, AR  72543
Harris Chapel edHarris Chapel Baptist Church, Bro. Johnny Kimbriel (Pastor)
20 Hickory Flat Rd., Pangburn, AR  72121
Heber Baptist ed
Heber Springs Baptist Church, Bro. Rondal Richardson (Pastor)
1710 Hwy. 25B, Heber Springs, AR  72543
Higginson Ed
Higginson First Baptist Church, Bro. Matthew Corkran (Pastor)
211 Walker Rd., Higginson, AR  72068
Lifeline ed
Lifeline Baptist Church, Bro. Timothy Altom (Pastor)
Highway 157 N., Pleasant Plains, AR  72568
Lone Star ED
Lone Star Baptist Church, Bro. Homer Branscum (Pastor)
350 Lone Star Lane, Greers Ferry, AR  72067
501.825.8121  Website:
McJester edMcJester Baptist Church, Bro. Denver Gillespie (Pastor)
25 Old River Road, Pangburn, AR  72121
DSC02448Mountain Top Cowboy Church, Bro.  Bob Shelton (Pastor)
45 Heber Springs Road W., Heber Springs, AR  72543
New Bethel edNew Bethel Baptist Church, Bro. Randy Altom (Pastor)
1015 Cedar Grove Road, Floral, AR  72534
Palestine ed
Palestine Baptist Church, Bro. Sunny Williams (Pastor)
389 Edgemont Road, Quitman, AR  72131
Pines ed
Pines Baptist Church, Dr. Tom Bray (Pastor)
2900 Heber Springs Road W., Quitman,      AR  72131
Pleasant Ridge ed
Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church, Bro. Greg Carr (Pastor)
4 Pleasant Ridge Road, Greers Ferry, AR  72067
Pleasant Valley edPleasant Valley Baptist Church, Bro. Jason Holcomb (Interim)
2054 Good Springs Road, Heber Springs, AR  72543
Post Oak edPost Oak Baptist Church, Bro. Kevin Riddle (Pastor)
8551 Edgemont Road, Higden, AR 72067
QuitQuitman ed3 copyman First Baptist Church, Bro. Todd Spradlin (Pastor)
5899 Heber Springs Road W., Quitman, AR  72131
SoSouthside eduthside Baptist Church, Bro. Elwin Ollar (Pastor)
640 Heber Springs Road S., Heber Springs, AR  72543
Sugarloaf edSugarloaf Baptist Church, Bro. Tony Criswell (Pastor)
699 Wilburn Road, Heber Springs, AR  72543
Tumbling Shoals edTumbling Shoals Baptist Church, Bro. Mark Williams (Pastor)
2250 Heber Springs Road N., Tumbling Shoals, AR  72581
Woodrow edWoodrow Baptist Church, Bro. Ron Bray (Pastor)
2840 Prim Road, Prim, AR  72130
1325 Heber Springs Road S., Heber Springs, Arkansas  72543
501.362.7362   fax 501.362.3552